A New Ecosystem for News

ReNews Will Demonstrate a New News Media Ecosystem

By Bennet Harvey

Outside the login, this site discusses the erosion of the critical role of news media in American Democracy.  This page documents the problem with a wide range of articles and studies by many of the leading news media foundations, think tanks and research organizations.

If you recognize that this is a critical problem for our democracy, and you are prepared to share responsibility for creating a new, sustainable and Citizen-centric news media, then please Request a Login and let us know how you’d like to help.

Inside the login, we offer qualified Citizens and organizations a confidential preview of ReNews’ dramatically new Citizen experience and economic model for news in American democracy.  [Read More]

Under the old news media model, news publishers and political advertisers have bought and sold Citizens, their data, and their civic responsibilities to the highest bidder.  

ReNews has rearchitected this ecosystem to give each Citizen control over the information they consume, and over all uses of their personal private information.

If you find that ReNews is a worthwhile path forward please join us:

  • Download our iOS and Android Apps or use the ReNews.us website (Available early 2023). 
  • Use ReNews to maintain full visibility into all US news, issue areas, and policy proposals specifically relevant to you.
  • Monitor influence campaigns embedded in news and political ads which constantly try to convince you to vote against your best interests.
  • Use ReNews’ context engine to confidently build your own data-driven positions on policies across the political landscape. 
  • Manage your civic responsibilities and action opportunities, whatever your political background.
  • Make a tax-deductible donation to support ReNews Context Services, a 501c3 non-profit and non-partisan Context Journalism newsroom. 
  • Register your portfolio as a working journalist and engage with Citizens and reporting opportunities through your Journalist Profile Page.