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ReNews.us Privacy Policy (outside log-in)


  • Renews.us is currently an ‘under construction’ site designed to introduce Citizens, donors and partners to our plans to introduce a new experience of news media and civic engagement.
    • Outside the log-in this site reports on the issues with news media’s business model and Citizen experience which have led to dysfunction in news media’s role in American democracy.
    • Inside the log-in this site shares confidential details of our intellectual property and the ReNews initiative to restore trust in news media’s role in democratic governance.
  • Citizens who use the Request a Login form will be reviewed prior to being given login credentials and may be given a login to access the confidential information inside this site.
  • Some visitors requesting a login may receive one-time-use or short-term log-ins, depending on their role and area of interest.  When their log-in expires those visitors may continue engagement with ReNews team members directly, or may request that their login be renewed.
  • ReNews.us is not a product or marketing site and therefore we will never sell or share any data about our visitors with other sites.
  • By accessing information inside the login visitors agree to treat the information as Confidential and for their eyes only.
  • Any visitor wishing to share information with other Citizens must either make the request directly through members of the ReNews team, or suggest their contact use the Request a Login form.


  • Outside the log-in we only track total traffic and page views in aggregate.  We do not place permanent tracking cookies or handle third party cookies in any way outside the login.
  • ReNews.us does use cookies and WordPress plugins to track the activity of visitors inside the login of this temporary site for the purpose of understanding visitor interests in engaging with the ReNews initiative, and in order to protect our intellectual property. 
  • We do not handle third party cookies in any way inside the login.


  • ReNews Context Services 501C3 will accept donations from charitable Citizen-members to subsidize equal access to news and context services for all.
  • As part of transparency requirements of the Institute for Non-Profit News, ReNews Context Services will publish the identity of any donor of individual or collective donations over $5,000 in a calendar year.